My name is Mia (or “M” for short) and I’m an actor, musician and photographer. I know, it seems a lot… I just never got to choose which one was my favorite because I love them all! As an actor and musician, I’ve done the actors’ headshots and the album art photoshoots that run the gamut from typically standard (standing by a railroad holding a guitar anyone?) to really quirky (wrapped myself up in saran wrap, not something to try in the summer heat unless you want to melt yourself in 5 minutes flat!). After years in front of the camera, I realized that I loved the photography part of the entertainment business so I picked up a DSLR and began shooting away. I began with landscapes but quickly found that photographing people was what made photography come alive for me.

As a portrait photographer, I enjoy empowering people with amazing portraits that present a clear, strong vision of how they want to share themselves with the world.

Other than my creative endeavors, I’m in love with the ocean and love camping. Most of all, I *love* doing portraits so let’s upgrade your selfie and get you an amazing pic that will get you that much closer to your dream!